We finance your Ecommerce Optimized for Google a 12 months and without interest

Pay for your website with hosting included and Optimized for Google conveniently.

Financing of customized web pages with hosting included in the first year, more optimized for search engines. Websites for companies, freelancers, entrepreneurs, Corporate and Ecommerce.

Your Ecommerce, Optimized for Google, SSL Certificate (https), Hosting for one year, Training, GDPR implementation provided by the owner.


An ecommerce optimized to make your online store sell more

An ecommerce is your online store to sell more

Nowadays any business needs ecommerce to succeed. However, it is essential to have an optimized platform, structured and designed in accordance with current trends.

With our service of ecommerce development and maintenance you will have all the tools you need for your website to position itself in your industry and your brand to be recognized.

You will be able to pay conveniently on a monthly basis and depending on the type of project you need. All inclusive from € 500 per month.

Dedicate yourself to serving your customer, send and collect, that we take care of selling…

Untitled Design (10)

We also redesign and optimize your current website

Although more and more companies have a website, very few really take full advantage of it. If you have a website that has become obsolete, we can give you the solution you need.

We take care of the redesign, prioritization and the appropriate and necessary language on your website to improve the corporate image of your brand. You can better connect with your audience and generate the desired conversions.

We also apply the best SEO strategies to optimize your site. Not only will you have a nice website in front of your customers. It will also be for the algorithms of the different search engines and platforms.

We offer you the marketing service you need to make your e-commerce profitable and more visible.

Creating online stores with CMS

To facilitate the operations of your online store we work with CMS (Content Management System or Content Management Systems). This software allows us manage varied and entertaining content that keep your website up to date according to the needs of your brand.

  • With CMS we save a lot more time and they are quite economical
  • We use advanced software with good performance.
  • They have a customizable interface. In fact, although the CMS are already standardized you can differentiate yourself from your competition with a redesign and customization
  • This backoffice allows you to control your online store without the need for great technical knowledge.
  • CMSs are ready for Google to index content and allow you to optimize different key aspects of SEO


Daimatics comes with years of experience, although we are a fairly young company, we have one of the most experienced teams on the market and with a lot of knowledge.


If we have said that we will make your website work, it will work, we will keep your goals with ecommerce and we will work to achieve them.


We will give you all the necessary support to be able to resolve all your doubts and concerns about it, for your peace of mind.

SSL certificate included (https)

An SSL certificate is used to protect credit card transactions, data transfer, logins, etc.


A job well done and functional is the most important thing and therefore it is one of the things we guarantee for the proper functioning of your ecommerce.


As an experienced team in this regard, we know that being by your side is one of the most important things and therefore one of our priorities.


This is one of the most important parts if you already have a website and, therefore, advising you on this aspect is also our priority.

Web Hosting

Custom web hosting and free web hosting for the first year, with internal and external backups, ftp access, emails, etc.

We work with Prestashop, WordPress or Opencart

We use the right CMS for your business. They are very easy to install, completely safe and offer you the right tools for managing your online store.


The download is completely free and has a very intuitive and dynamic interface. It allows you to easily customize content, improve navigation and provide more accurate results for users. Plus, it doesn’t require an overly expensive server and gives you a 360º view of your business.


It is the most used CMS in the world, this offers you a wide variety of forums and communities that share doubts and suggestions to improve its usability. Ease of use is also a notable aspect. It can be adapted to different types of e-commerce and has a wide variety of plugins and tools.


It was one of the pioneering open source platforms. Allows you to manage multiple stores from a single interface. It backs up and restores data, and features a variety of extensions and themes that allow you to create an online store in a practical and original way. Although not the most widely used today, its usability is undeniable.




What will you achieve with us

We will take care of everything!

We adapt our services to the needs of customers. In addition, we give you the right advice so that you have an online store adapted to the type of business you have, to your target audience.

We are experts in creating ecommerce or corporate website. You will have yours Google-optimized online store and with the design aligned to your brand identity.

Our services also allow you to include an APP, PWA (Progressive web apps) or AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). You will have a complete online store, fast and adapted to the commercial needs of today's technological world.

Pages optimized for seo positioning in Google

  • Your website will be pleasing to the eyes of Google
  • You will be in the top positions and grow organically
  • We apply the best SEO Onpage strategies suitable for your business
  • We work with all the usual points: Goals, hierarchies, highs, titles, content marketing and WPO
  • We make sure your valuable content is polished and ready to reach your potential customers.
  • You will have better sales opportunities and achieve your short and long term goals
  • We position your brand as an authority in the market
  • You will have a better return on investment and you will succeed on the competition

Pages with their Web Analytics tools

  • To monitor and monitor the results, we also work with all analytics systems such as Google Analytics and Pixel Facebook
  • Companies that work with these analytics systems perform better
  • We can segment your audience much more accurately and apply appropriate strategies to the results
  • We'll analyze market trends to target your campaigns to the right places
  • It also allows us to study the user experience and determine which contents are generating the most interaction
  • You will have an invaluable advantage over your competition

Pages prepared for advertising on Google ADS and Social ADS

  • We create the accounts you need, from Facebook Fan Page and Instagram, to Google Ads and Search Console
  • You can maximize your impact with ad advertising
  • Using Google Ads, you can customize your ads and tailor them to a much more specific audience
  • With Facebook Ads you will have potential access to 1.7 billion users worldwide. You can even combine your campaigns with Instagram advertising
  • You'll get great returns on investment, as average costs per click are usually quite affordable
  • In addition, with your optimized presence on social media you can create a community of loyal customers to your brand
  • You will improve your prestige in the sector and you will have effective communication channels
  • You will be up to date with new trends and your business will be much more visible


You want to reach the top of Google and we will do our best to make it so

Paid media

Today, networks are a very important axis and we manage them to become a reference

Graphic design

We will make graphic designs adapted to your image on the web and social networks, as pleasant as possible and of the best quality.