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When positioning a web page on the Internet, link building campaigns are a powerful SEO strategy. And this tool allows us to increase the amount of links directed to the web and to accompany this with a global goal. To get these links assets such as content, products, services and news from the website itself are used.

It is necessary to use the components correctly within a linkbuilding campaign. Some of these will be crucial to achieve success and others will be of great help. Therefore, a specialized service is essential to combine the available assets and resources. In this way, we will get a bonus SEO positioning in search engines.

Exclusive and personalized Linkbuilding strategy and quality Reviews so that your website is among the first

Carry out a campaign of linkbuilding requires well-defined strategies, as the latest updates from Google should be considered. These demand quality and naturalness against quantity, as well as obliges to avoid links without order.

In our company we insist on designing and implement linkbuilding strategies in a personalized way and adjusted to your requirements. You will get relevant, diverse and quality links, which favors growth and good organic positioning.

Link Building Campaigns

Media links, related blogs, thematics, forums, comments

To develop a linkbuilding we take care of generating quality content that interests the public of the brand sector. We also suggest the writing press releases and publishing articles in digital news media with local and national reach. In this way, we get a quality link to your website to improve the brand's reputation and branding.

Likewise, we are interested in publishing content on blogs or relevant web pages. We also encourage the participation in forums where the contribution as a professional stands out to the rest of the user community.

We also develop good content in social networks to achieve influence in Social Media, as well as we build links from specialized magazines and blogs that are related to the activity of your business.

Why is a good linkbuilding strategy interesting?

The importance of link building in SEO is that it improves the domain authority of the website. This way, when you develop such a strategy for your business, it's easier to analyze your link profile to find out if it's optimal or if you need to improve it.

Likewise, you will be able to see a little about what the competitive sector is doing to gain visibility and thus contact the web pages that make it easier for us to get a backlink.

We can also do a selection of domains and get quality links. One of the main goals of a linkbuilding strategy is to get links from good web pages domain authority and that incorporate themes similar to that of our website.

Equally, linkbuilding allows you to introduce links manually and progressively, as well as to distinguish between links such as nofollow (do not obtain domain authority) and "dofollow" links in which the website from which we link transfers a part of its PageRank to us, and therefore earns a higher domain authority.

In the same way, the use of the anchor text on the brand in a natural way, que is part of the linkbuilding campaigns gives the company a better position in the search engines.

What is website authority?

This concept is related to the term SEO in terms of the "strength" of a given domain. In this sense, the authority of a website can affect or favor its ability to rank in the first results of search engines. This way, the more authority a web page has, the more users it gets from organic search.

In a case where Google does not see a website as trustworthy, it is very difficult for it to be able to position in the first positions of the SERP. This makes it difficult to increase potential customers due to its low visibility.

Among the main factors that are considered to have good domain authority on a website are the following:

  • amount ofexternal links or backlinks: it is necessary to have many links from other trusted websites so that search engines assign a better authority score to the web page.
  • The age of the website: the older the website, the higher its authority.
  • User rating: User trust is measured by the number of times they share your content and how they rate it.

What are linkbuilding campaigns for?

It is important to note that every link building strategy requires a period of time to start getting results. However, a good campaign guarantees multiple advantages and benefits to your website domain.

when we develop a successful linkbuilding strategy we manage to increase web traffic. Getting an external link on a web page with a large amount of users or visitors allows your website's referral and organic traffic to increase considerably.

Likewise, is a method of advertising that makes it easier to give presence on the website from other online pages. In addition, it is a form of constant advertising that allows you to attract potential traffic. Likewise, we can achieve greater reputation and popularity, which increases brand visibility in the market. In addition, it improves the positioning in some search terms.

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Do all the links work?

It is very important that you mention it when you link to a website, as you are somehow arguing that it is a reliable web page or content. So placing a link to a low-authority site can be questionable to Google, and consequently does not allow you to increase your SEO positioning.

This way you make sure that all your outbound links are to high authority web pages that guarantee users valuable information. A plus, it disallows toxic links through Search Console, so you get better results.

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