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Google ADS, and is a Partner

Find out who Google ADS is, and who is a Partner

There is no doubt that Google Ads, formerly Google Adwords, is possibly the oldest Google ad network on the market.

We can say that today it is without a doubt the largest advertising network in the world.

One of the great advantages is that any kind of business, large or small, whether your budget is high or low, has the opportunity to advertise throughout the google ADS network.

One of the great advantages of this advertising platform, among others, is that it allows you to independently manage your campaigns or a Google Partner can help you.

It is important to be clear that before we offer you a service or others, the first thing we do is consult the current status, your website, your advertising campaigns and analyze your current traffic status vs ROAS of your Online business.

How Google ADS Campaigns Work

This is a really very important factor, for this reason at Daimatics, a specific work plan is drawn up. to make sure our project is successful.

In this way we can take advantage of all the tools provided by google to create Campaigns:

  • Geography, Where is our Avatar.
  • Age, Sex to be able to send one message or another and impact our client.
  • Schedule by days and hours according to analytical data, which allow us.
  • Budget for any type of advertiser.
  • You can pay per click or per volume of impressions, depending on the goals of our campaign.
  • Text advertising, video banners
  • Ads on Google's own platform or with its affiliates.


Types of Campaigns

Research Campaigns: the target audience is looking for what you offer.

Display campaigns: Ads appearing on portals associated with Google.

Video Campaigns: Ideal for improving your brand recognition within the Youtube network.

It should be noted that Youtube is the second search engine most used on the market.

Shopping Campaigns: if you have an ecommerce this may be your best selling tool.

APPS campaigns: for your APP

Local Campaigns: so that customers who visit Andorra and look for your product can find you.


Target Client

As we mentioned before, when deciding on this channel or another, the first thing is to draw up a work plan where we will initially look for our 'Avatar', the current situation of the Market, and what type of campaign is best for you. product type and end goal. 

An Effective Campaign

The whole strategy is linked, and thanks to the previous analysis we have made of both the market and the geographical area, and the target customer, we are able to develop a successful strategy that fits as well as be to your possibilities and needs and your business.

Analytics and Monitoring

After all the initial setup, where we can not forget the configuration of the entire analytics system to always know the origin of any sale or lead to have launched your advertising campaign, we keep track of progress and progress of the project. We analyze the results obtained and keep ourselves constantly renewed to stay up to date.

Googel ADS data

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Daimatic Agency, offers a team of SEO experts Onpage and OffPage®, Web Analytics, Online Marketing Technicians.

All this and the years of experience in the online market guarantees us the power to offer our customers an exceptional service.

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