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In the world of web positioning it is best to leave it in the hands of experts in internet and SEO, on the internet there is not only the SEM which many companies in this country forget as it happens with most designers and programmers who totally ignore it, for this reason we have to guide them and say how they can make meta tags, h1 and h2, the strong ones among others, and it's not their job, that's why it's very important to control the project from the first moment with a very good SEO Onpage, we will not teach them to design or program, but they will not teach us to position, so they have to follow our directions to the letter to achieve the goal.

With which websites are we experts in web positioning

In the beginning, all this text, apart from informing you, is good for web positioning of Daimatics, we still follow what we told you no matter if you have a weblog, an online store, a corporate website or any other kind of project in hand to make you a good SEO positioning, but if we build it for you, if we work on all projects with WordPress unless it is an extremely large project, it is a very intuitive cms and the learning curve is very fast; Don't think that the only way to get customers to come in is in the first search situations, there are many more methods so it is very important to study each project, the internet is very big and traffic can be achieved in many ways, no it can be denied that the best known is that of search engines. Now the moment you get it, you're going to see the number of 'lead' conversions start to skyrocket at the same rate as earnings, but it's not a quick job. To achieve this we offer you these fantastic services.

Services of our SEO positioning agency Andorra

We offer a wide variety of services from SEO web positioning, web design, we can be your mentor, SEM, Social Media, private lessons, it's all about sitting down and talking about your possible project needs.

Keyword Search and Positioning

Keywords are among the factors to consider when positioning yourself. When we launch a new project on the market we have to choose keywords that, apart from being related to our business, have a high search volume. There are a number of tools to do this… although not too easy for a standard user to use. We will take care of searching for those keywords related to your web project so that you have the best possible results.

Competition analysis

Before we start with your project, we will take care of examining your competence to find out how to create the perfect strategy. In this way we will determine the complexity of positioning the website and we will know the best way to achieve it.


The only way to know the evolution of our website, apart from the results in earnings, is through certain tools that are able to offer us reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual basis. Ours web positioning agency Andorra It will give you different reports so that you can see exactly where your business is at.

Web search engine positioning consultancy service

We will assist you in developing a strategy for SEO positioning convenient to assist in achieving your goals. We are constantly studying the algorithm changes of the Google search engine for this reason, we are probably the best Seo agency in all of Andorra and by far. We already know that for the search engine, which serves to position us today, may not work tomorrow morning; for this reason we are always and at all times aware of the changes and thus determine how we can take advantage of them to achieve unbeatable results.


  • Consulting
  • High level technical SEO:
  • Structure and Optimization
  • Hierarchy
  • WPO
  • Schemes


  • Consulting links Current
  • Review Strategy
  • Web Authority
  • Disclaimer if applicable


  • Be the number 1
  • Position yourself better than the competition
  • Sell more than the competition
  • Have an optimized website


  • It cannot be ignored
  • Few agencies in the country take advantage of him
  • We do the job well and you will notice how it works
  • We will be the first

Seo Web Positioning Agency in web search engines

Nowadays, because there is so much competition, it is complicated be relevant in the Google search engine. The biggest drawback is that our contenders are not far behind and for this reason they have to be made different SEO positioning techniques that truly lead us to good positions. For this reason we can't just settle for a positioning agency with little knowledge about SEO positioning, we need the best on the market and this is or can be us.
As we know that positioning is a slow job, it is best to work on the other hand on social media which is a free residual traffic and the Digital trafficker, according to the budget.
We are also preparing a newsletter service for our customers who request it with re Online Marketing included.

Find out why our services can be so unique

 Keyword analysis and selection

The moment we want to launch the website in the top positions of the search engine snakes, we must first base ourselves and determine the most appropriate keywords with which we will achieve our goals. Our first step will be to examine the keywords you have already chosen, with which the website is already working, and be able to determine if they are really interesting or worth changing for better ones. If the selection has not yet been made, we will use our "web positioning" tools to extract them.

Web optimization "Seo on page" and "Seo off page"

The next step in deploying "our magic" is to do a thorough study of the website both internally and externally. The purpose of internal SEO positioning is to see all those points that may not be taken advantage of or even those that may be acting as a burden to prevent us from climbing situations. In the field of external SEO positioning we will analyze any factor on the outside of the website that may affect us. Here we include the creation of link structures to get the best situations, comments and reviews on authority blogs, social media administration, the preparation of campaigns at the level of the written press on the xara or any other kind of tool we can love. convenient so that our website can wake up.

You will know exactly where we are at all times

In order to ensure results, the best thing to do from the beginning is to make the website as we tell you, if necessary we will fight with your programmer and designer, now we advise you to talk to us before hiring the project to third parties, you will be able to keep your mouth open for what we can offer you.

Do not hesitate and ask for information

Daimatic Agency, offers a team of SEO experts Onpage and OffPage®, Web Analytics, Online Marketing Technicians.

All this and the years of experience in the online market guarantees us the power to offer our customers an exceptional service.

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