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What is the Blocosphere

The Blocosphere refers to the set of all active blogs existing worldwide as a social network or as a community. They are said to be a community or network, as there is a great connection between them due to links.

In their early days, they were just places where people wrote and posted what they wanted. There have even been specialists such as Julio Cabreo, professor of didactics and organization, who have defined it as: "a virtual system in which weblog communities are established, categorized thematically or by interest profiles. These therefore make up the message, and the blogosphere, the place to live on the internet".

Ironically, this concept was born as a joke by Brad L. Graham in 1999. However, in 2001 it became popular and began to be used in the professional field. From that moment, to the Blocosphere it is known as this world of the Internet where you can find all the blogs created on a global scale.

The Blocosphere it cannot be alien to companies, since thanks to this they can advertise their services or products with a great impact, even improving the positioning in search engines organically. To use this tool, a blog section must be created on the web and the necessary strategies used, or your company must be mentioned in a blog.

What is the Blocosphere for?

The Blocosphere serves so that different blogs are connected to each other, as the main function. But it is not the only one, it also acts as a space for companies to have greater visibility and repercussion with their products or services.

This goes hand in hand with posting ads, doing promotions or just doing market research to boost the blog.

Examples of Blocosphere

As for examples of Blocosphere, there are all types you can think of, it's just a matter of surfing the Internet, where you can find from the most visited and popular blogs to blogs on inspirational or technical topics.

The Blocosphere it is today 60 times larger than what could be found about three years ago. More specifically, a blog is created almost every second of the day, with 50,000 posts per hour per day.

More information about the Blocosphere

Daimatics.agency is not far behind if of Blocosphere it is, because our website has its own blog, where you can find the best topics related to the world of digital marketing, so that you can continue to improve yourself and learn about topics that until now you did not know you could apply to your company or on your website.

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