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Dominis Mirall

What are Mirror Domains?

The Dominis Mirall are a practice that is used quite frequently when giving relevance to the address of a website, to a URL. These are different domains that lead to the same IP address hosted on a server, as they are connected to it.

Although it may sound strange, as we have already said, it is a practice that appears very often in the networks. Surely on more than one occasion you have typed an address in your browser with an ending and it has taken you to the web, but with a different ending than you had written. This happens because many companies buy different extensions to protect their brand and prevent third parties from taking advantage of it.

This may seem like a practice that poses no problems whatsoever; but, for the webmaster, to have mirror domains it can pose a serious problem in terms of positioning, since having several pages with the same content can create conflicts in the search engines that end up affecting your SEU and preventing the portal from scaling correctly in positions.

A fairly widespread issue that requires action, but that can be easily amended. Today, the best alternative to this tactic is to implement 301 redirects, something that avoids this duplicity and that, for practical purposes and in the eyes of the user, makes no difference.

What are Mirror Domains for?

The Dominis Mirall they are used so that, in case of entering a different domain name matching any of these, it is taken to the main one to which they are connected. Companies use them, above all, to shield and protect the name of their website, acquiring those with different endings such as .cat, .ad, .es, .com, .net or even .org.

A quite useful measure in terms of protection, but as we have already indicated, it can cause certain inconveniences when positioning in the SERPs of internet search engines.

Examples of Mirror Domains

To better illustrate how they are Dominis Mirall, we will consider a hypothetical case with the Daimatics website. The main page of this agency is https://daimatics.agency; and a possible example of a mirror domain could be https://daimatics.es or also https://daimatics.net. In case any of these last two directions showed the same content as the first, we could talk about these mirror cases. However, it could also happen that 301 redirects were resorted to in order to perform a similar task, but without SEO problems.

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