Remarketing is Google ADS and Facebook ADS, the sales boom

Remarketing is a digital marketing strategy that serves to increase the effectiveness of your advertising impressions. They are aimed at users who have already seen your product or browsed your website. It's basically stealthily chasing your leads with the right ads.

You can remarket on Facebook ADS, Google ADS, and various ad platforms. For example, if you have an online cosmetics store and your customer leaves your site without making a purchase, then you will find ads for the products you have seen on your website, as well as others similar to them.

This expands your options to close sales, create conversions, and even improve your website traffic. Although it seems like a fairly simple thing, you need to keep some things in mind so that you can apply it properly and get results in a short time.

To understand what remarketing is, we'll start by defining the key features of Google ADS and Facebook ADS.

Google ADS

Google ADS is an online advertising system that allows you to get fast results. Generate ads that are placed aThe first results of the Google search engine. Unlike the organic results that appear in the first positions thanks to the SEO jobs, Google Ads are paid ads.

One of its most peculiar features is that it works under the modality of cost per click. This means that companies pay for the clicks generated and not for the visibility. Basically, new users coming from this kind of campaign have a great intention to buy.

Google Ads show a maximum of 7 results (depending on the type of search). What sets you apart is the cost-per-click defined at the beginning of your campaign, as well as your Quality Score. That is, even if you're paying for an ad campaign, Google continues to consider the quality of your site.

Facebook ADS

In the other hand, Facebook ADS is a famous Meta ad platform. One of its main features is that it allows you to get a fairly high return on investment. However, it is important to know well the market where you want to invest and manage the platform properly.

Plus, you don't have to wait long to see if your campaign is running. Unlike other marketing actions, with Facebook ADS you can determine the success of your campaign almost overnight. If it doesn't work, you can rethink or completely redo the strategy. In addition, it offers you a huge database.

This platform is perfect for campaigning with fairly segmented audiences. As if that wasn't enough, you can too work Instagram in the same bag.

Types of remarketing

Although remarketing in Google ADS and Facebook ADS have a similar essence, there are different ways to apply it. These can vary depending on the type of business you have (banners, search ads, etc.). For this reason it is advisable to have a professional consultant and a Digital trafficker before experimenting with these types of campaigns.

Here are the different strategies you can perform within these platforms:


Standard remarketing is nothing more than general ads. These are shown to users who have visited your website while browsing the Internet or Facebook.

These ads are perfect for promoting your brand. Unlike other remarketing ads, standard ads do not change depending on the page or product your potential customer has visited. They always focus on the brand.


These types of ads serve to increase sales or conversions on product and service sites. They work similarly to standard ads. However, unlike these, the dynamics change quite a bit depending on the product or service visited by the user.

They are ideal for stimulate sales or conversions for your website. With this technique you will reach people with products for which they have already shown interest.


These ads they are not in banner format but in Google searches. It's pretty simple: Once a person visits your site, but doesn't make any conversions, automatically ads are created specifically for that same user.

These ads appear only on Google searches. They are determined by the keywords related to your product or service (previously chosen by you).

For mobile phones

These are ads that have to do with mobile apps and web pages. With this kind of strategy, the user uses or shows interest in an app or page, then the ads related to this app or webpage are shown on your mobile.


These ads are used on YouTube channels. Once the customer has seen a video of you on the platform, they are activated automatically other ads that will appear in other videos (or even on other web pages or applications).

digital remarketing

Advantages of applying a good remarketing strategy

Without a doubt, remarketing is a powerful sales tool because it can be adapted to all kinds of consumers. You will be able to achieve greater visibility, strengthen your brand and stay in the memory of your potential customers without being too invasive.

Here are some of the benefits:

Accuracy: It is an automatic technique that you can activate in a very short time (especially shortly after the user has left your company's website). It persuades the consumer when their interest is still high and increases the chances of selling. In addition, it optimizes the return on investment.

Customization: Remarketing can be tailored to the individual consumer or to specific niches. This is perfect for increasing your campaign results.

Effectiveness: It acts significantly on sales. In fact, consumers who have already interacted with your brand are 20% more likely to make a purchase than new customers.

Professionalism: This is a professional tactic that allows you to analyze results, get to know your users better and offer different types of promotions to attract new customers (discounts, offers, newsletters, etc.).

As you can see, remarketing is a complex technique that can be adapted to different types of business. However, remember that you have to deliver quality in your ads and work on it in parallel with your other promotional campaigns. Only then will you see better results.