What is Online Advertising?

It is a secret to no one that the Digital Advertising on the Internet it has become an essential factor for all kinds of brands. It doesn't matter if it's a multinational company with thousands of employees or a modest small-town business, Online advertising is the key to success.

You can work with it in parallel with traditional advertising. However, today the most elaborate strategies are developed with social networks in mind, web pages, YouTube videos, etc. That's why you need a precise approach and a plan of action according to the needs of your brand.

In this article you will get to know the different formats of Digital advertising, the advantages they can offer you and some tricks to see results in a short time.

Online advertising it is a form of promotion of goods and services that serves to connect brands with their consumers. According to the type of company i target audience, the Online advertising can use all kinds of strategies and tools to achieve your goals.

Unlike traditional advertising (run on radio, television, magazines, etc.) which is done digitally it has the primary characteristic of direct and indirect interaction with the user. This allows you to create much closer links and foster effective communications for campaigns.

However, it also needs a comprehensive study and the development of several fields: From the web design and composition, through language and discourse, until the analysis of results and the planning of strategies. That's why professionals in this field invest hours of work in innovating and developing better campaigns.

In fact, there are several formats for advertising or Digital Marketing on the Internet effectively.

Different formats of Digital advertising

One online marketing strategy it must be composed of different fields of action. You don't need to cover them all. These can be adjusted according to the type of product that you want to promote, the identity of the brand, the budget you have, etc.

Native advertising

Native advertising is closely related to the branded content. It integrates harmoniously into the brand's website without limitation the user experience. It is a form of minimally invasive advertising and that provides content of value.

It can be presented in text, audio or video format. Although it is widely used, requires precise execution to deliver good results.

Email Marketing

He email was one of the first tools that were used to advertise on the Internet. However, for some time it was believed that it was no longer effective or was too old-fashioned.

Nothing more fake than that. theemail marketing consists of the sending of bulletins, newsletters, promotions and all types of advertising via email. It requires having a well-segmented audience and, as with many strategies, it must provide valuable content.


They are the banner or pop-up style visual elements which can be put on a web page, blog, etc. The key to these is that they are clear enough, with comprehensible language and that are NOT too invasive for users. In fact, they are the main target of ad blockers.


He SEM allows you to create paid ads and campaigns in search engines and networks such as Facebook and Instagram. In fact, you can “target” your audience with ads based on the pages they've viewed on your site or the products that caught their eye. It is a truly powerful tool.

Online video

A picture says more than a thousand words. In the case of videos, it applies precisely. This advertising format has wide acceptance, as it entertains the user and allows the use of various visual and linguistic resources to communicate effectively. However, they require good production and a significant investment of time and quality.

Online retargeting

Take advantage of the information collected through cookies to show ads to your users according to your browsing actions. It is a form of paid advertising, but if you know how to take advantage of it, it allows you to show more relevant and timely ads.

Social Ads

The social networks (Digital Trafficker) have become a powerful tool for advertising. In fact, in some countries they generate many more sales than the physical store and the TOGETHER website. In them you can share your products, offer discounts, create dynamics and work on the brand image from the ground up.

However, the difficult part is in the speed of the information. Try to generate valuable content, interact in a fun way and build a real community (forget about buying followers, likes, etc.).